Reviews of Enjoyable, Clean Books

I worked many years as a Librarian in a public library. Library users often asked me for suggestions of books that had good story plots but didn’t have profanity and sex. Since I also like to read enjoyable, clean books today I’m starting a series of weekly book reviews on my blog to help others find books to read that don’t offend. All you clean literature fans, read on!

AccidentalFirst up is Accidental Private Eye by Clair M. Poulson.  It’s a fast-paced, suspenseful murder mystery story of Dallas Rowen who accidentally becomes a private investigator when he is mistaken for a real private eye by a stranger.  Out of work and out of money, Dallas accepts the job. Finding the truth about a murder of his client’s grandson immerses Dallas into the cut-throat world of demolition derby and takes you to Provo and Duchesne, UT.  As Dallas digs deeper with the help of a real detective, he realizes that the murderer is now turning crosshairs on him.  If you’re looking for a clean, thrilling murder mystery written by an author who’s actually worked in the criminal field, Accidental Private Eye is a good read.  There’s even a little romance thrown in. I don’t usually like mysteries, but I’ve enjoyed reading Accidental Private Eye by Utah author Clair Poulson.  It’s exciting and will keep you wondering “who did it.”  It’s gotten good reviews from both men and women on