Make A Fortune Writing E-Books

Unbelievably, the American Association of Publishers reports the retail dollar sales of trade e-books has at least doubled upon itself each year since 2007. Sales of e-books have risen from $32M in 2007 and to an estimated $780M in 2011. These figures most likely don’t include e-books written by someone like you and downloaded from websites run by individual authors. Any way you look at it, this is truly phenomenal growth!
What is fueling this tremendous growth in e-book sales?
Many advantages make shorter downloadable e-books attractive to authors and readers:
1. Short e-books provide information or how-to’s for a single-problem in 20-100 pages
2. You’re the publisher of your e-book from first writing steps to final selling steps
3. Simple information products make perfect e-books that people want to buy
4. Topics are limitless—tap your store of knowledge
5. Share your knowledge, provide what buyers want, and make a profit
6. Printing costs are nil—buyers print their personal copies
7. Don’t have to worry about managing inventory
8. Delivery is simple—post your e-book for sale on a website as a .pdf file
Everyone has some store of knowledge that can be written as an e-book and sold for a profit. We’re editors and authors who can help you write a polished e-book that others want to buy. Contact us and let’s start the process rolling.

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