“Fantastic Classic” Children’s Book–The Story About Ping–80 Years in Print!

To put it bluntly, I’ve enjoyed reading books for a long time.  As a child, I determined to read every book in the stately Idaho Falls, Idaho Carnegie library children’s section located in its basement.  My mother would drop me off at the library on Saturdays while she ran errands. I actually made it around to the N’s before giving up!  Eventually I became a librarian and continue to love reading books.  Periodically I’m going to review what I believe are “Fantastic Classic” children’s books.


Recently I realized that many of the books I read as a child, then read to my own children, and am now reading to my grandchildren have become beloved “Fantastic Classic” children’s books.  One “Fantastic Classic” for children is The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese.  It is the enchanting story of a Chinese boy living on a houseboat on the Yangtze River and his runaway domesticated duck .  And the duck has a mind of its own! The Story About Ping has been in print for 80 years.  Ping3I loved this story because it showed me how people lived in a different culture.  China was a long way from Idaho!  I remember lying on my bunkbed and wondering if I could dig deep enough to actually come up in the Chinese countryside.  Ah, the naivety of childhood!  My children and grandchildren love The Story About Ping, too, and it deserves to be a “Fantastic Classic” children’s book.  What makes Ping special for you?