“Easy Retro Recipes” digital e-cookbook now available!

.Well, I decided to follow the advice of my previous post about writing e-books.  I set to work to create a digital cookbook of fantastic recipes used by Mormon family cooks in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s. Thus the name Easy Retro Recipes by Pat Huff, ISBN 9781623092092.  It’s available now on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, and Apple iBookstore. Go to EasyRetroRecipes.com to find out more.

In this digital e-cookbook you’ll find over 50 easy recipes for Starters, Bread & Breakfast, Main Dishes, Desserts, Other, and Crowd Cooking. The recipes are easy and don’t require a lot of expensive ingredients. You’ll be able to feed a family “on a dime,” so to speak. It’s perfect for college students too!

Easy Retro Recipes aren’t short on taste. You’ll get rave reviews for moist, mouth-watering Mrs. Orr’s Chocolate Cake, create a stir with unique Banana Nut Bars, or warm hearts and tummies with Chili Instantly.  I dare you to avoid becoming addicted to Easy Caramel Popcorn. You truly can’t eat only one handful!  These easy retro recipes have survived the test of time and will help you create delicious meals and snacks in a flash.

Easy Retro Recipes by Pat Huff has been submitted for distribution. It’s available for download now at Amazon.com by clicking here, at Barnes&Noble.com for the Nook, and Sony.com for their Reader. You can also download it at iBooks for Apple products such as the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Or search for ISBN 9781623092092.

What sets Mormon cooks apart from others is that they often feed large families on a one-wage-earner budget, since mothers are encouraged to stay home if possible to raise their families.  Thus the need for creativity and resourcefulness when feeding a family. You can learn more about the Mormon Church by clicking on Mormon.org.

It was a stroll down memory lane as I went through my rag-tag collection of recipes. My collection included Mormon Ward (congregation) cookbooks and recipes passed-down and handed-around by Mormon cooks, or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Some of the individuals passed away many years ago. Going through their recipes brought back happy memories of fun times and wonderful people. My digital cookbook Easy Retro Recipes strives to keep alive the cooking skills of these great people

Take the opportunity to check out the recipes and use them to create “delicious meals and snacks in a flash.” See my other cookbooks starting at 99 cents on Amazon.com. Bon appetit!

Make A Fortune Writing E-Books

Unbelievably, the American Association of Publishers reports the retail dollar sales of trade e-books has at least doubled upon itself each year since 2007. Sales of e-books have risen from $32M in 2007 and to an estimated $780M in 2011. These figures most likely don’t include e-books written by someone like you and downloaded from websites run by individual authors. Any way you look at it, this is truly phenomenal growth!
What is fueling this tremendous growth in e-book sales?
Many advantages make shorter downloadable e-books attractive to authors and readers:
1. Short e-books provide information or how-to’s for a single-problem in 20-100 pages
2. You’re the publisher of your e-book from first writing steps to final selling steps
3. Simple information products make perfect e-books that people want to buy
4. Topics are limitless—tap your store of knowledge
5. Share your knowledge, provide what buyers want, and make a profit
6. Printing costs are nil—buyers print their personal copies
7. Don’t have to worry about managing inventory
8. Delivery is simple—post your e-book for sale on a website as a .pdf file
Everyone has some store of knowledge that can be written as an e-book and sold for a profit. We’re editors and authors who can help you write a polished e-book that others want to buy. Contact us and let’s start the process rolling.

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